[Grief] TG +

ellis britzius zontar_98115 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 28 09:39:10 EST 2003

I received my copy of TG + on Christmas Eve !
The first thing I did was get out my VHS tape of Live at Oundle School and play it with the new CD as the sound source. What a difference!  Only it seemed every couple of minutes either the tape or the CD inched ahead of the other and required re-synching.
I next watched the VHS tape Live at Kezar with the new CD as sound source. This worked great, until about 25 minutes into it when it seems the video must have deleted
part of "spirits flying" or the previous instrumental section. With TG's use of so many tape delays and such, it was difficult to get it back in synch. Just where is that sound coming from? The best guide seemed to be Gen at the mike, but this didn't seem to always work. You can hear him even when he isn't on the mike!
I guess we will have to wait for the rumored DVDs to come out in order to have the best 
possible TG shows at home. Hope they don't cost my arm or your leg.

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