[Grief] TG+ Box

William Green cardylover at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 19 12:39:52 EST 2003

Well, its a nice box with 10 great cd's. Bit of a disappointment with the 
extras, cos there's none of the patches, badges, inserts a la last years 
beatutiful effort - however, its the music thats counts, right????

regarding the discs - all - or what i have heard of each - sound great. In 

Rafters, Manchester - which i only had the boot cd of - includes about 8 
mins extra - nice fresh sound, obviously not taken from the vinyl bootleg : 
) - great gig.

Veterans Auditorium, LA - again, only heard the Dimensia In Excelsis' 
version - ouch!!! This version is apparently taken from 2 tapes that TG made 
(so not a crappy audience version!) - there's still a little distortion, but 
generally a huge improvement! Great gig, which i can  now enjoy fully : )

Kezar Pavilion, S.F. - not a huge difference from the Mission Of Dead Souls 
disc - however, apparently it has been put together using two high quality 
recordings - one with binaural head and the other from the mixing desk. You 
also get a previously unreleased track from the pre-performance sound check 
- not bad at all - sounds great.

Also, REALLY good to have all the German shows in their entirety and not all 
over the place as we have previously had.

General overview - excellent discs and box, but would have liked a couple of 
extras (patches/badges/inserts etc) - but never mind. You do get a free gift 
thing (won't spoil the surprise!) - tho i am not 100% sure what it is - will 
see what other reactions are : )

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