[Grief] Live in Gottingen

Cameron Smart cammysmart at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Aug 24 05:38:34 EDT 2003

See if someone can clear this up for me.... I'm
working from the fopi website and memory since I don't
have my vinyl records with me.

The new-ish CD Psychic TV Live in Gottingen- Number 5
in the series. 

I'm really struggling to remember the original Live in
Gottingen on vinyl but I think it only had 2 tracks -
Thee Lie, Thee Truth. One each side.

Now, as well as that, the CD seems to have the first
side of Berlin Atonal Vol 2. No mention of this on the
sleeve at all (wasn't it pre Sleazy/Balance leaving as

I'm not complaining, I personally reckon the Berlin
Atonal recordings was some of the best PTV live stuff
ever. I just wondered if anyone knew why it appears
here. And also if anyone knew if the Atonal Vol 1
stuff has appeared/ will appear on any of the new live



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