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<< i'm not sure if they are the same one's that were included with 'mission is
 terminated', - i bought the record second - hand and the magazine was
 missing.  but if you follow the 'various texts and interviews' links at
  amongst other things you'll find a couple of interviews by red ronnie with g
 p-o and another with gen and cosey...
 (can someone who has the 'm.i.t.' mag please confirm if these are the same
 interviews or otherwise?) >>

They are the same texts. My secondhand copy of MIT luckily did have the 
magazine included with it. It cost me about b,34,- and was in quite a good state, so 
this was money well spent. The magazine consists of the interviews in both 
Italian and English.
Apart from the two interviews the magazine also contains quite a lot of 
pictures of TG in Rome in 1981, several TGpublicitypictures and one of a very proud 
GPO with Caresse.


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