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> In een bericht met de datum 4-8-03 0:11:48 !!!First Boot!!!, schrijft
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> <<  What else is out there worth reading?  Waddya think?
>  > >>
>  Well there are the two volumes from Re/Search: The Industrial Culture
> Handbook and the volume on TG, WS Burroughs and Brion Gysin. But most of
you have
> probably already read those.
> The TG interviews included with the "Mission is Terminated" bootleg is
> interesting, but of course not that easy to obtain as it's from 1981.
> Robert
> _______________________________________________

i'm not sure if they are the same one's that were included with 'mission is
terminated', - i bought the record second - hand and the magazine was
missing.  but if you follow the 'various texts and interviews' links at


amongst other things you'll find a couple of interviews by red ronnie with g
p-o and another with gen and cosey...

(can someone who has the 'm.i.t.' mag please confirm if these are the same
interviews or otherwise?)


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