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> lvrdagen den 2 augusti 2003 kl 23.12 skrev Mark Stevens:
> > What else is out there worth reading?  Waddya think?
> i read the collection of Cabaret Voltaire interviews a few years ago...
'Art of the 6th Sense' i think.  I enjoyed this very much (very candid) & I
hear that the recent book on that scene includes many of these talks (I
can't remember the name)
> anne

do you mean 'INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION  Through the 80s with Cabaret Voltaire and
Local Government' ?- not read it myself but would be interested to hear the
opinion of anyone who has.

a book i would personally recommend is 'tape delay' by charles neal. it's a
collection of often fairly quite in depth interviews with various folks
including, g p-orridge, coil, chris&cosey, cabaret voltaire, mark e smith,
test department and so on...


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