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Jim Flannery newgrange at talmanassociates.com
Fri Dec 27 00:53:57 EST 2002

Jon wrote to grief:

JW> so, things have been updated at www.brainwashed.com/tg/

Drastic cosmetics: In your .css doc,


the font-color attributes of the html elements <A>, <P>, etc. do not
begin with # signs (your classes .subHeader etc. are correct). M$IE is
forgiving of this error; other browsers may not be. The upshot of this
is, folks using (as I am at home) Opera see ONLY your <span>s ("TG
NEWS", "TABLE OF CONTENTS", etc.); the balance of the text is rendered
black-on-black (since the font-color is an "error", it's just ignored
and the client default displays).

Here's a nifty validation report on the top.html page:


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