[Grief] More TG Box Set Woes -- HALP!

Irrational Arts irrational.arts at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 24 21:54:29 EST 2002

CS> Dave,

CS> Can I have your complete and honest assurance that if were you who'd been
CS> "shorted", you'd just shrug and think "get over it"?  Can you honestly say
CS> that this would be your stoical and level-headed response?  Kind of : "Ah
CS> well, it might have cost #180, but what the hell, it's nearly complete."

No Justin, I wouldn't just shrug and think "get over it" but I'd just
contact Mute and say "hey I didn't get this" and then go and enjoy the
music. As it happens Mute had completely lost all record of me having
ordered it in the first place. So I had to email them to find out
where my box was and then it was sorted out. No big deal. I just think
for something as monumental a project as this then things are never
going to be perfect and all this moaning and groaning is completely
unneeded. It's the music that I wanted the box for and yes the extras
are nice. It took me three days to break the wax seal to get at the
stuff but ultimately I'm going to listen to the music far more than I
will look at the patches or the badges. Yes I could have saved #180
and just got the tapes copied (I've ten or so on tape anyway) but then
I'd miss the upgrade in quality.

CS> As far as employing cheap labour is concerned, why would they do that?  I
CS> would estimate (going on what I know MUTE would have to pay to press CDs now
CS> they are owned by and therefore can use the facilities of BMG / EMI) that
CS> each box set costs Mute #25 max.  So there's definitely room for some
CS> reasonable wages there, and with a good company like Mute,  I wouldn't
CS> automatically assume the
CS> worst...

I hope you don't seriously expect me to believe that BMG/EMI pay their
factory workers any better than anyone else. Factory pay is shit who
ever you work for.

Anyway, back to the Yuletide festivities

Dave B

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