[Grief] More TG Box Set Woes -- HALP!

Irrational Arts irrational.arts at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 24 15:27:35 EST 2002

Human beings aren't perfect.

Like I said why waste all this time and negativity over things that
can be rectified. Start listening and enjoying the CDs. Or have you
all brought it just for the packaging?

And no it wasn't Butlins it was Maplins

Dave B

>> Lets all start enjoying the CDs instead of fucking whinging 
>> all the time.
>> Dave B

AW> yeah. just because you pay #180 UKP for something why should you expect
AW> it to be as advertised? 

AW> incidentally, dave. i have plenty of records to sell and you could be
AW> just the guy i am looking for to buy them.
AW> didn't i meet you once when you were a butlins cheerleader or something?

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