[Grief] More TG Box Set Woes -- HALP!

Andy Wilson andy at lshift.net
Tue Dec 24 15:22:25 EST 2002

> Lets all start enjoying the CDs instead of fucking whinging 
> all the time.
> Dave B

yeah. just because you pay #180 UKP for something why should you expect
it to be as advertised? 

incidentally, dave. i have plenty of records to sell and you could be
just the guy i am looking for to buy them.
didn't i meet you once when you were a butlins cheerleader or something?


heh. have a happy festive season. whatever.

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> CS> If people don`t post about the contents and even looking at the 
> CS> pictures MUTE put out of the finished box I can see I have parts 
> CS> missing), how would anyone know their box was complete?
> There is a list of what items should be in the box in the 
> Industrial News that comes with the boxset.
> I have a box that is complete. In fact I couldn't be happier 
> with the whole package. I think it's a great item. Sure some 
> people have had problems with things missing. But if you're 
> releasing an item in a quantity of at least a thousand copies 
> you're not going to have time to lovingly put them all 
> together yourself. You're going to get a bunch of very poorly 
> paid people in a factory to do it. And human beings make 
> mistakes. Get over it.
> Lets all start enjoying the CDs instead of fucking whinging 
> all the time.
> Dave B
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