[Grief] More TG Box Set Woes -- HALP!

Cold Spring info at coldspring.co.uk
Tue Dec 24 14:47:19 EST 2002

> Now, that's just silly. Unless everybody on this list who received a
> complete set pipes up and says "My box is OK" you're guaranteed that the
> posts about incomplete sets are going to predominate over any posts
> about complete ones.

If people don`t post about the contents and even looking at the pictures
MUTE put out of the finished box I can see I have parts missing), how would
anyone know their box was complete?

I thought mine was complete until I spoke with someone and then someone

#185 on one musical item is the most amount of money the majority of people
are going to spend all year, the least MUTE could do was make sure they got
it right.

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