[Grief] More TG Box Set Woes -- HALP!

Jim Flannery newgrange at talmanassociates.com
Tue Dec 24 02:39:11 EST 2002

Guy wrote to grief:

GF> It seems that every boxset out of 2 has missing material.

Now, that's just silly. Unless everybody on this list who received a
complete set pipes up and says "My box is OK" you're guaranteed that the
posts about incomplete sets are going to predominate over any posts
about complete ones.

I didn't intend my post to bash Mute, I just wanted to see if some of
the problems could be resolved on this side of the pond amongst the
buyers (as I'd already seen a matching pair of missing/extra CD's on
different lists) without hassling with international shipping of
replacements. Sheesh.

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