[Grief] TG - Exhibition

David Minshall axis at brainwashed.com
Mon Dec 23 19:51:45 EST 2002

> The exhibition carried a lot of everything you`d expect, but nice
> items like the Industrial Records mailing list index roller and
> letters to fans...

This was the sort of stuff I was curious about. I built up a huge collection
of TG ephmera during the late 70's to mid 80's. A lot of the TG interviews I
hold are listed on the Axis pages at 'brainwashed', but there's lots more
such as Industrial News, posters, Industrial Records catalogues, loads of
press clippings, fan club books etc. Some items are quite rare such as
colour poster for the Berlin gigs (which I was told only a handful made it
back to the UK), entrance ticket for the Prostitution exhibition, plus
editions of Nanavesh. The rarest of the latter was perhaps only 15 or so

How about T-GASM.... who recalls what that stands for? <G>

I just wonder how much of it survived and who held it all. A few weeks ago I
finally started to do a final catalogue of what I have, but it is rather
daunting. I have a long way to go. Then there is my Coum collection....

Any news on the Industrial Records web site and what might be seen there?



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