[Grief] TG - Exhibition

cosmos1 at wanadoo.nl cosmos1 at wanadoo.nl
Mon Dec 23 00:58:38 EST 2002

>I did....I was invited to the private THROBBING GRISTLE party on the
>Wednesday...it was the first time they were in the same room together for 20
>The exhibition carried a lot of everything you`d expect, but nice items like
>the Industrial Records mailing list index roller and letters to
>fans...unseen photos, the camouflage uniforms...original gig posters....
>The usual suspects were at the party including a load of MUTE types....not
>DEPECHE MODE though, unfortunately....
>For those that missed it, I may have a series of photos of the exhibits from
>a friend coming soon....email if interested...
>Best wishes,

do email me/us as we are interested !!!
also tell us some more about that first time together in one room of these 
4 members of TG.
don't be shy ........:)


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