[Grief] TG24 cd02

Irrational Arts irrational.arts at btinternet.com
Sat Dec 21 20:50:55 EST 2002

My TG24 has finally arrived. Worth every penny. Has taken me three
days to get around to actually breaking into the sealed envelope!

Slowly working my way through all the CDs in order. So I've not got
very far as I keep replay each one lots of times before I move onto
the next.

I only had about 10 of the tapes before so it's good to hear all this
new (to me) stuff. Though some of it is better than others. The first half of
the Air Gallery CD I found very disappointing. The version of Very
Friendly on the Nags Head Wycombe Cd is absolutely faultless though.

How about 24 hours of DVDs?

Davey B

PM> By the way, the ICA disc has a very snippy news clip on the ICA performance
PM> at the very end of the cd, after about 18 minutes of silence.
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