Antw: Re: [Grief] TG24 box set NOT COMPLETE ???

Mark Kolmar mark at
Tue Dec 17 19:13:52 EST 2002

IRC26 was not supposed to be included for exactly that reason, but it
turned out Chris Carter was able to locate a good tape.  He explains in
the letter that accompanies the extra disc.


On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 wrote:

> In een bericht met de datum 17-12-02 15:58:24 West-Europa (standaardtijd),
> schrijft
> << You should have IRCD05 as part of the normal sequence, and also an
>  envelope that included IRCD26 and a letter of explanation. >>
> Checking on the TGsite of Mute the Liveactionlist states that IRC 26 is
> omitted because the tape could not be played or repaired or something in that
> vain.
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