[Grief] TG24 box set NOT COMPLETE ???

Guy Francois guyf at sgi.com
Tue Dec 17 15:58:41 EST 2002

seems to be a box full of surprises ...
a pandora's box ?
a clumsy mute job ?
a sick TG joke ?

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Subject: [Grief] TG24 box set NOT COMPLETE ???

just today i also got this long awaiting boxset.
but mine has missing irccd 05 BRIGHTON POLYTECHNIC.

so my question is:
is this a mistake from MUTE or is this normal ??
the total cd's in my box are 24 inclusive irccd 26........

also in my sealed envelope are 2 booklets of "industrial news" 
...........which look to me if they are the same ???

any help appreciated before i start complaining with MUTE.

thanks and enjoy this great historic music.

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