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IRC1 was a limited tape called "TG Best of... Volume II"

IRC23 was a tape of studio recordings by TG called "Pastimes / Industrial

IRC27 was a tape of the Leather Nun live at the Scala Cinema.

IRC28 was a tape of Monte Cazazza live at Leeds Fan Club, The Scala in
London and Oundle School.

Y 93

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Weren't IRC001 and IRC000 the tapes that were put out that were like
rehearsal tapes?

Dave B

Dac> I was just wondering if anyone knew the fate of IRCD001 (and IRCD23 for
Dac> matter) from The Box.  I saw that it started with IRCD002 and wondered
if I
Dac> was missing a CD until I saw on the back of the booklet that it's
supposed to
Dac> start that way.  Were IRCD01/23 victims of the same problem that
Dac> IRCD26 or have they already been officially released? (and do IRCD27
Dac> IRCD28 exist?)  So many questions, I know.......
Dac> Thanks,
Dac> DavidH
Dac> np IRCD03 Winchester 6/7/76
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