[Grief] TG24 box arrived!!!

Mark Stevens markstevens at waitrose.com
Sat Dec 14 17:02:51 EST 2002

Yup, I got the bonus C.D. too.  Nice touch and the covering letter from
Chris Carter.

What a fantastic product.  Long may it continue.

There is another C.D. due for release next year according to the Grey Area
at Mute.

Has anyone got the TG24 1 Hour Sample.  I've just won one on Ebay and am
waiting for it to arrive.

Out before the 23rd!  Because we're special!!!


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Mine hasn't arrived yet. Is everyone getting the IRC 26 CD? Is this a
bonus CD or a mistake?

If there are soundchecks etc are all the CDs longer than 60 minutes then?

Anyone got any idea of why they have started sending them out before
the 23rd?

Dave B

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