[Grief] TG24 box arrived!!!

youngy.93 youngy.93 at ntlworld.com
Sat Dec 14 16:56:35 EST 2002

I didn't get IRCD 26, I got IRCD 29 as advertised because the IRCD 26 tape
has disintegrated. Tape does that over time, it's called "sticky shed"
syndrome believe it or not. As far as I can tell there are no actual
sound-checks, but what they have included in some cases is the intro
programme tape that was used on the night (soundtracks of porn films, radio
broadcasts, military recordings of light arms fire etc.). So it's not a case
of a spotty tech yelling "one, two, one, two" into the mic for 20 minutes.
Some of the intros are pretty atmospheric and chilling.

I think the reason they're coming out early is that the 23rd is the official
release date but anyone who placed an advance order had there's sent out as
soon as the item was finished.

I am totally in love with this box. I highly reccomend IRCD17 which really
put the shits up me as it started thundering outside 2 minutes into the CD.

Youngy 93

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Mine hasn't arrived yet. Is everyone getting the IRC 26 CD? Is this a
bonus CD or a mistake?

If there are soundchecks etc are all the CDs longer than 60 minutes then?

Anyone got any idea of why they have started sending them out before
the 23rd?

Dave B

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