[Grief] THE box!

adam klotblixt adam.klotblixt at tjohoo.se
Sat Dec 14 14:08:27 EST 2002

Delirious as I am, I won't have time now to listen to it in one sitting (though I have promised myself to do that soon!).
The quality is great, just what I have been hoping for. The only slight grudge I have is that the CDs are not split into songs or passages. Neither do the CDs have song-listings like the tapes do, but that's not so bad, since I have scans of the tapes.
I do like all the pre- and post-talk, sound-checks and other stuff that appears on the CDs, it's completeness!

I have waited for this opportunity ever since I first heard of the tape-box some 15 years ago.

Let's hope there will be a companion to this box with the rest of the TG material, like IRC0, IRC1 and IRC30 and what ever else there is.

Also, TG-DVDs are promised too...
/Adam Klotblixt

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