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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


Email filled with Thelemites! Do we need an exterminator??

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Thelema93-l is a forum dedicated to the discussion of "Thelema" by any understanding, inclusive of topics ranging from magick, mysticism, religion and philosophy, writers like Rabelais and Crowley, and organizations such as "the OTO" and "the Thelemic Golden Dawn", to tangental but pertinent discussions of these or other subjects relating to Thelema in imaginative ways.

please take some time to watch the posts to the elist for awhile and get a feel for the level and type of discussion that takes place within it, the style of interaction, and the common subjects of exchange and debate. try to limit the number and length of your posts, avoid short personal notes (like "me too!" and "I agree!" or "hi!"), taking those to private email, and generally reference URLs for longer textfiles rather than posting them unless you know there is widespread interest.

when you feel comfortable, consider contributing an Introduction, so that people in the elist can have some idea who you are (this will be stored in the archives). include some personal information, your background and familiarity with the subject, organizational affiliations, and whatever else could give us a glimpse at what Thelema means to *you* as you've come through the swinging doors.

we hope to encourage a diversity of expression and a minimization of unwanted chatter. at this time we'd like to encourage contributions to the elist on the following topics:

we encourage list members to construct REFerence files and point out WWWsites (which change too fast to list here) and offline texts other than the usual _Liber Al vel Legis_ (_The Book of the Law_), _Book Four_ (_Magick_ or _Magick in Theory and Practice_) or other popular texts by Crowley).

attach a *brief* URL referral to the end of your posts in the elist when you contribute. if the rest of us like them we can help spread the word and mention them too, supporting our favorite sources of information about Thelema.

the T93-L shadow-gnomes
Fr. Nigris (333)

Love is the Law, Love under will.

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